Descrizione Progetto

Cpu  24 core 48 thread
Ram 192 Gb ECC RDIMM DDR4 2933 Mhz (up to 3Tb)
Storage 9,5 Tb disponibili  (Row: 15 x SSD 1,9Tb Enterprise Mix Use)
SO Storage 6 x SSD 480 Gb Enterprise Read Intensive
Power Supply 6 x 740 Watt Redoundant, Hot-Swap, Platinum level
Warranty 3 Years Pro Support 8×5 on site NBD
 Form Factor Rack 8U, 24 Bay 3,5” Hot Swap
DataTrace SAN, 3 Years support
Protocolli iSCI, Rados block device, Ceph Fs, rados gateway


  • 3 Years Pro Support Mission Critical 4 /hr
  • Upgrade Ram up to 3Tb
  • Upgrade Full Flash
  • Upgrade Storage space